Favourite wedding photos from 2013

I was just looking back at some of my favourite wedding photos from last year and I thought I would share some with you. I’ll explain why I’ve chosen each photo and a little bit of the story as well. These aren’t necessarily the best photos I’ve taken from last year but they are the ones that explain what excites me about being a wedding photographer.

This was taken at York Racecourse in the Autumn. It’s a great venue but the only place we could take pictures outside was on the balcony overlooking the grandstand. It’s a stunning building, however all the glass, steel and concrete could have made the pictures look a little cold and clinical. However as I said this was Autumn, the sun was setting and bathing everything in lovely warm tones. So I asked Beth to stand in the middle of the balcony and used the glass behind her to reflect some of that lovely sunshine onto her back, while the details of the dress were picked out by the sun to her front. I just love this picture as Beth and her dress looks amazing in this contemporary wedding picture.

This was taken in the Three Acres in Emley. The groom, Mark, who’s closest to the camera, was waiting patiently for his bride and all of a sudden the room went quiet. I just managed to get a couple of frames that really captured, I hope, the feeling of nerves and anticipation on his face. It also helps that they were facing a large window which helped create this lovely moody image.

This was actually the first wedding of the year for me. It was in the Lake District in January. Just getting there was an event in itself! I was really excited about the photos as we had a lovely layer of snow and I had loads of ideas for beautiful scenic pictures. Then it started raining. And raining. And raining. This usually isn’t a problem as it rarely rains all day but this time it just wasn’t giving up. Now some people may have let this upset them, but Helen and Paul had other ideas! They borrowed an umbrella and a pair of wellies and just went outside. So this makes it onto my favourite photo list as it sums up what I think is the right way to approach a wedding. Helen and Paul were there to get married and celebrate and they weren’t going to let the weather get in their way!

You may recognise Beth from the first picture again! This was during the ceremony in a fantastic Roman Catholic Church just outside of York. I had carefully and quietly walked down to the front row during a hymn so I could get some side on shots. As the ceremony continued I took a couple of pictures and Beth just turned and glanced straight down the lens at me. I should say I had a long zoom lens on and didn’t use flash so other than the click of the shutter I wasn’t being obtrusive. I’m always really careful to be respectful during the ceremony itself. I managed to get a single frame off before she turned quickly back and this was the result.

Do I have to explain why I like this one? Sarah and Neil had spoken to me before the wedding day about some ideas they’d like to try with their wedding photography. They even created me a little ‘mood board’ of picture ideas! So obviously they were up for spending some time having fun with the photos. I had brought along the empty frame and we just wandered round the grounds having fun! Everyone chipped in with suggestions for more and more shots and we just giggled the whole time. So if you think that wedding photos have to be boring group shots where you stand in line like a firing squad, have a look at the photo above and get inspired!

So that’s a small sample of my favourite wedding photos from 2013. Quite a mixed bag really, but each with their own story, I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring!